As a student, some years ago now, I believed fervently in the power of words. I was firmly convinced that with a blank slate and a little time I could convince anybody of anything. Several decades later now, I have had to admit that participation in social media sites has disabused me of that notion; those I would convince are not actually listening and sometimes they bite.

But I still appreciate a sentence that sings in its construction and impresses with its conviction -- a tightly formed, unambiguous sentence that, in the case of fiction, advances the plot, and in the case of non-fiction, closes the loopholes.

Below are comments from a few of the writers I have worked with in the last few years. I wish I could include some of the words from my students over the years...suffice it to say that there is nothing as fine as a high-school kid who has found effective communication!

Cat Mann

“Out-Basket has been my best-kept secret for three of my published fiction novels. I have had the privilege of working with and learning from Esther on my series, A Beautiful Fate, from first-draft read to finished manuscript. Esther is a valued and respected member of my writing team. She doesn't just edit...as a client you get real, honest feedback that significantly improves both your manuscript and your craft. As writers, we spend countless hours and sometimes years working on our beloved manuscripts. Our devotion makes proofreading and editing absolute must-haves for any writer who hopes to publish. The knowledge I have gained thanks to the time I have spent working with Out-Basket is priceless. Esther's experience and astuteness comes highly recommended by me to any writer in need of a proofread, editing, prose development and fine tuning of any kind of manuscript. My own books have been listed on numerous Amazon charts and I have had the honor of being a top-ten finalist for a prestigious award; I simply could not have achieved the quality of work needed to accomplish these writing goals without the advantage of having Out-Basket in my corner.”

EM Kaplan

“Out-Basket has been there for me from day one, from my Josie Tucker mysteries to my fantasy novel, Unmasked. As an indie author, I need to make a great first impression with readers. Publishing a clean book with zero typos or awkward language is key. With Out-Basket, I can feel confident that I'm giving my fans the most professionally edited books possible!”

JD Kaplan

“Out-Basket plays an invaluable role in my work. Ranging from reading first drafts for content, consistency, mood and voice, to a final careful proofread to save me from myself, Esther provides an amazing level of service. She delivers her work in a more than timely fashion, devoting herself to her task with a level of commitment that is hard to find elsewhere, and there is always a wealth of feedback. Esther has not only mastered the codified mechanics of writing, but she has a clear understanding of the craft of good storytelling. I feel like not only does my own work improve as a result of her help, but I improve as a writer as well.”