Menu of services

Out-Basket provides a wide range of editorial services ranging from rough draft evaluation to that critical final proofread. It's never fun to find mistakes in print, so let Out-Basket help you avoid them.

The Bread
Just finished an early draft? These services are tailor made for rough drafts...

Basket 1: First Read

  • First impressions
  • High level suggestions

Basket 2: Second Read

  • Plot assessment
  • Character adjustments
  • Dialogue critique
The Cheese
Once you're underway, you can rely on these services to keep you on track...

Basket 3: Mechanics

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling

Basket 4: Veracity

  • Fact checking
  • Dialogue changes
  • Plot tweaking
The Grapes
And finally, the last line of defense...

Basket 5: Final Proofreading

  • Quick turn around
  • Author's voice maintained



The Wine
Discounts available for multiple basket purchases!

Contact Esther for pricing and availability at