About me

I have studied, taught and made a living from writing for close to 30 years. I entered Miami University of Ohio as a freshman in 1963 with six hours of English under my belt, earned at the end of my senior AP English class at Revere High School in Richfield, Ohio.

I graduated from Miami in 1967 with a BA in English and certification to teach K-12. I had a minor in French and another in biological sciences. Within a few years I added nine graduate hours in literary criticism and editing.

I spent six years working first for the St. Charles Chronicle and then for the Aurora Beacon-News learning how to write all over again. This time accuracy, speed, clarity and a feel for the workings of small town life trumped sparkling word choice, description and what the night was like (dark and stormy).

Several years later I studied French at Southern Illinois University to take a teaching position that required me to teach French and English. I took three graduate courses at the University of Avignon to round out my experience.

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